Monday, October 6, 2008

An Award!!

Scarabe gave me an award!!! Thank you so much Scarabe!
You can find her amazing goodies HERE


This award is called the "Proximidade Award" or "Friendship Around The World Award". Originally this award was written in spanish, but it translates to highlight blogs that are pleasing or special in some way, and also to extend the hand of friendship around the world.
And now I am supposed to pass this award on to 8 great blogs.
My 8 choices are:

AJM Creations
Allie Brown's Layouts
Jamie's Creations & Scraps
Melissa's Cute Creations
Urban Fairytales
Gothic Inspirations
The Scrappin Cop


Allison Evans Brown said...

Well thanks! That a really cool award! Thanks for thinking of me. It means a lot!

Sunf said...

Thankyou for the award matey xxx