Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Doodles and a Sale!

I have a new doodle pack. This one doesn't have as many doodles but they are cute ;) Well at least I think so lol.

You can get these at Scrap Happiness or The Creativity Box.

I made one more doodle for this set and decided to offer it as a sample! I love freebies and samples lol and I hope you do too ;)

You download get this doodle from Scrap Happiness.

Also it is SALE time!! :D I have marked all of my products down to 1.50 or below at Scrap Happiness and we are having dollar day again this week at The Creativity Box and in honor of Black Friday we are having a Black Box Sale! 25% off of everything in the store!!

P.S. I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Commercial Use Items

As you may have noticed in previous posts, I made my first doodles! Well I decided to do a "spin off" (if that is what you call it lol) of another CU product of mine, Bursts of Patterns Overlays. I made Bursts of Doodles of Overlays lol. I am offering the Burst of Doodles pack free for a limited time with one sample overlay from the Bursts of Patterns pack. I know they won't go with just anything but I do hope you like them enough to give them a try ; ) Personal and Commercial Use OK

If you do download, feel free to leave a comment here telling me what you think of them. I am not using 4shared anymore due to files missing and such and this new site does not allow commenting. Thank you ;)


Saturday, November 22, 2008

CT Layouts!

I managed to get a few people interested in CTing for me! Yea!! I am still looking for a few more if any more of you happen to be interested!
Jamie of Jamie's Creations & Scraps made this layout with my Just Lovely Kit.

Amanda thankfully volunteered to do a Guest CT and work with the Just Lovely kit and made this sweet layout.

And Ashley of Hippo Scraps made two very adorable layouts using my LoveBirds Kit. Check out the link to view them and please leave some love for these very creative ladies.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Doodles, Dollar Day and a Hint!

I have new doodles in stores! They are my first! They are hand drawn scribbled heart shapes! I had so much fun with these. I colored them in and added effects in the preview but in the packaging they are just outlines. There are so many different options with these! Commercial Use OK.

I am also including a sample doodle freebie! I hope you like all of the doodles! Commercial and Personal Use! ;)

You can download them from Adrive HERE

Also we are having Dollar Day at The Creativity Box! These amazing designers have marked alot of their products down to just a $1.00!! Great deal huh? Go check it out and see what you can get for a dollar ;)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And a hint to my new kit!! Think cars AND crowns lol! Ok off to work on some new things! Thank you for stopping by and happy scrapping!

I decided to have a giveaway for the colored doodles I made. If you would like to have them, leave a comment with your name and a way to get in touch with you (email address or your website) and if enough people enter, I will randomly choose three people and send you the colored doodles :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sale and News

I wanted you all to know that I am working on a new kit and may have a giveaway for it so be on the look out for it! I am also working on a new commercial use grab bag and I would love to hear what you designers are looking for and I will do my best to include something similar :D
Also all of my products at Scrap Happiness are under $2.00!! Feel free to take a look :D Thank you and happy scrapping and tagging!



Friday, November 14, 2008

New PTU Kit and a Freebie Tagger MiniKit

Hello All! I have been so busy lately! My girls are sick again and I have a ton of ideas that I had to start a notebook to make sure I didn't forget anything lol. I want to thank everyone for sticking by me through all of this! As a thanks I made a minikit for you amazing taggers! I hope you like it. I may end up making a full kit out of it lol, I love the colors together!

I also have a new PTU Kit! Which I also loved the colors used :D It comes in two versions, tagger sized and full size. Each size varies just a tiny bit from each other. Not all elements are shown in preview!

You can get the tagger sized version at Scrap Happiness
You can get the full sized version at The Creativity Box

Now for the freebie minikit :D

You can download it HERE OR [Here]

Monday, November 10, 2008

Awards and an Update

I wanted to update you all about where I have been. it seems like forever since I have posted on here. Well I am working on a new kit and some commercial items. I am debating on how I going to go about releasing them. I am not sure if they should be limited time freebies or if I should have a giveaway, so check back to get the details once I figure it all out :D Also, if you want to be a part of my Creative Team please email me and let me know.

Now onto the awards! I received three awards from some really amazing designers!! Please stop by there blogs and check out their awesome goodies!!

These two awards are from Scrappies by AD Thank you so much for the awards!!
I pass this award onto:
Hippo Scraps
Allie Brown Layouts
Shel's Scraps
Light Camera Actions


I am passing this award onto:
AJM Creations
Believe Designs
Jamie's Creations & Scraps
Gone Scrappin Designs
Sticky Kisses Scraps

I received this award from Jillzy's Scrap Designz Thank you so much for the award!

Rules to this is to name 7 things I love and to pass it on to 7 other friends

1. My Daughters!
2. My Hubby!
3. Spending time with loved ones!
4. Hearing I love you Mommy ; )
5. Designing things in PSP
6. I love Fall! Perfect weather and beautiful colors!
7. Flip Flops : D

Here are the seven very creative people that I am passing this award onto!
Delicious Scraps
The Scrappin Cop
Divine Intentionz
Essence of Creativity
Cupcake Sprinkles
Team Kissed
Foxy's Designz